Launching Every Thread

Here we are then. Starting 2016 under our new band name of Every Thread, and consigning Contact (the duo) to the un-Google-able annals of history.

The plan was to launch our new identity on the 1st January 2016 – it was a Friday and everything, which is when new records are released these days – but it’s a time-honoured tradition in our house to spend the first day of every new year sitting quietly in a darkened room, drinking copious amounts of tea and waiting for Sherlock to come on. So it didn’t quite happen and we launched our new name on 2nd January instead.

Our lovely family, friends and fans rallied around our call to arms and in under a week 100 of them had migrated across to our new Facebook page. Thanks everybody! Our Likes would actually be slightly higher but FB in its wisdom keeps telling us that we started off with minus seven Likes, so none of the numbers add up. We don’t mind. We’ll invent seven fake accounts to even it up(1).

We’re fully represented across the various online platforms, so you can follow our exploits on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Bandcamp, our direct website and now this blog. Phew. It’s a full-time job, this.

Not ones to hang around, we’ve already played our first Every Thread gig. Fittingly, it was at the Old Moseley Arms in Balsall Heath, for Pete and his Chaos Acoustic Club. They’ve had us on so many times we’ve lost count(2) and they were the venue for our 100th gig as Contact. We really enjoyed the evening and had some very nice feedback, plus Zoë’s dad won a bottle of wine on the raffle, so all in all a successful event.

On the actual music front, we posted a new song called 391. You can listen to it here

So not a bad first week of being Every Thread. Next, lining up more gigs…


(1) Not really, Mr Zuckerberg, please don’t suspend us

(2) We haven’t lost count at all – Mike keeps a spreadsheet


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