Now we are one (month)

February already. We started work on some recorded tracks quite early last year but have been obsessively tweaking things until now (and we also had a bit of an extended break over Christmas) so this weekend we had a final push to get things finished.

One track got a little bit re-recorded. Another had the whole mix discarded, panned back to the middle and re-panned from scratch. Once Zoe had decided (1) whether the guitar on track 9 being omitted from the mix sheet meant it should be left off the mix altogether (we went with “yes”), those last two tracks were mastered.

Those drastic measures seem to have worked and we are now happy with the results! All we need now is a design concept, artwork, a title, and the readies for a big run of CDs…then we’ll be all set to furnish you with a shiny new album.

We spent a lot of the last month applying to play here, there and everywhere. The number of different ways to apply for festivals is mind-boggling, not to mention the frequent request to crop that carefully-crafted bio down to 100 words…500 characters…and in one case just 75 characters. 75 characters, including spaces! That’s only just half a tweet!

Got it down to “A female fronted acoustic duo from Birmingham, playing original folk pop.”

Brevity is sometimes called for, but proper punctuation must never be sacrificed.

Next gig Friday 12th February at the Flapper in Birmingham!

(1) All right; guessed


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