Spring update

Hello everyone. It is probably time to update the blog, and also to let people know we have a blog.

We have rattled through a fair number of gigs over the last few months; details of what you’ve missed are here! A couple of gigs stand out as particularly lovely, although there was one evening when a lady got on stage with us during our set and demanded we play Wonderwall. When we said we weren’t going to play it, her back-up request was “How about some Eminem?” Maybe we could expand our covers repertoire a little but I’m not sure Slim Shady is ever going to make it into the set.

Anyway, we had a wonderful day at Sarehole Mill a few weeks ago, playing the Sarehole Festival for Flying Teapot Events. These are monthly events, taking place at the hobbit hot-spot on the third Sunday of every month over the summer. If you happen to be in the Hall Green area of south Birmingham and like live music, real ale, street food, craft stalls, or mills, do come along. We can’t promise that the weather will always be as sunny as it was when we played, but it’s family-friendly and makes for a great day out. (Plus it’s so local to us, we could walk home after the gig, which was a first.)

So sunny!

Sunny sarehole cropped.jpg

A week later we played at the Old Crown in Digbeth, as part of Birmingham Promoters‘ Sunday Social. It’s, like, the oldest pub in the world. Or something. We played a really enjoyable set, made all the more enjoyable by finding some very appreciative new fans. It’s always nice when people compliment our music and want to find out more. I hope our new fans liked the Contact recordings and the newer songs on the website.

Thanks as ever to everyone who has come along to support us at gigs. There are more gigs to come so we hope to see you soon.


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