Happy Friday…

Happy Friday everyone!

It’s not just any old Friday at Every Thread HQ. Oh no. From now on, all we’ll have to keep us in strings and cat food is the odd ticket sale and a handful of 50p downloads, because today is Mike’s last day in gainful employment. After today we put our full-time efforts into Our Musical Career. When we said we had plans for this year, we weren’t joking.

There IS a new album, really there is, and Goodnight Berlin’s Joel has been sprinkling some sort of re-mastering magic all over our amateur efforts. It’s actually made us feel quite excited about putting new music out there so perhaps we’ll finally finish off all the CD design stuff and let you buy a copy. Soon. Any day now. Stay tuned.

We have already released two of the tracks, River and 391, on our Bandcamp page. They’ve now been replaced with the re-mastered versions so check them out and see if you can spot the magic. If you have the dusty old versions and want a fresh copy, the downloads are currently FREE! so go ahead and update your collection onto the MP3 player of your choice.

Gigs-wise, we played at Ort café last night, thanks to the lovely NooT who we met at April’s Sarehole Mill fair. A cozy venue, an appreciative audience; David Freja was mesmerising, Dom did a fab Jolene, and there were footstomping tunes from NooT themselves. Thanks ever so much for having us, guys; we had a really good night.

Next up in our gig calendar is Lichfield on 3rd June, with a free Friday night show at Paradise. Then we support Mark Morriss of the Bluetones in Birmingham on 10th June. (We can get you in cheap if you let us know you’re coming…drop us a line at everythread.band@gmail.com)

But in the meantime, today we are all about drinking Solihull dry with Mike’s friends and colleagues of nearly two decades, many of whom have come along for the ride over the years, both to local shows and London gigs. Thanks everyone for your support; long may it continue. Cheers!

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