2016 – a year in review

Well. That was quite the year, wasn’t it? Quite enough has been written about the actual news so we’re just going to think about what we’ve been up to as a band in 2016, and hopefully that will be less traumatic for everyone.

After writing and performing together for many years in various guises, you’ll probably recall that we relaunched in 2016 under our new name Every Thread.

A new name and a renewed enthusiasm, plus an escape from the 9-to-5, has seen us spend the year gigging near and far. We’ve played across the Midlands, visiting all the usual mainstays of the Birmingham music scene – The Hare & Hounds, The Flapper, The Victoria and The Actress & Bishop. We won the raffle at the Old Moseley Arms at least once, in between playing there every couple of months for the Chaos Acoustic Club and contributing a track to their compilation, Ten Years Gone.

Looking east, we ventured to Coventry, Leicester and Nottingham (where we played in a pub with a chip shop in it). Our more rural adventures included sets in Evesham and Worcester (best nachos we’ve ever had). We like to give back, so we’ve played at charity events and fundraisers: the Leamington Peace Festival, Oxjam, and a Musicians Against Homelessness gig organised by our pals The Tramways. We made it all the way to Liverpool for a feature set at the Magnet, and we played half a mile from our back door at Sarehole Mill.

We finally stuck some songs on a CD, which you can listen to here. We had some nifty badges made that Zoë gives out like sweets. We recorded a live Arboretum session in Walsall that got 1,500 views – and we don’t have anything like 1,500 friends, so we’re quite chuffed with that.

Someone asked us to play Eminem (we couldn’t). Someone asked whether playing for 20 years meant we’d written 1,000 songs by now (we haven’t). But we have crammed in over 30 gigs this year, so a huge thank you to everyone who has supported us, whether by giving us the chance to play, coming to gigs, Interacting with our Content on social media, or buying the music we’ve made. We’ve been very lucky this year, having met lots of wonderful, supportive people, and travelling to some lovely places we might otherwise not have visited. Here’s to more of the same in 2017!


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